20 Tips for Social Media Posts to be Seen by More People

It is very frustrating having your posts on social networks be seen by the same 20-30 people all the time. How can you change that?

Read our article below to find the best strategies for social media posts to be seen by more people.

TIP #1 Reels and hashtags for Instagram work great as it shows the content to a new audience (beyond just your followers)

TIP #2 Trending audio might work great for some pages on Instagram, but keep an eye on the copyright issues

TIP #3  Increasing your followers will do the trick. One of the best growth-building techniques is super simple. Go to who’s liking your posts but isn’t following you (yet). Like two of their posts and comment on a third (just make sure it’s not potentially creepy)

TIP #4 Cross promotions and collaborations are great for this (just choose your partners wisely)

TIP #5 Provide more value

TIP #6 Run ads

TIP #7 Check the copy and language of your target audience. Having specific words whether it be in a reel, ad, Tik Tok, YouTube cover or IG post catches their eyes.

TIP #8 Use short-form videos and make them entertaining

TIP #9 Post daily and engage with hashtags

TIP #10 Provide an incentive for sharing or amplifying your content

TIP #11 Promote your content on one channel to other channels

TIP #12 Quality content consistently

TIP #13 Experiment with paid promotion

TIP #14 Use hashtags strategically

TIP #15 Tag relevant partners, community groups, chambers of commerce, etc. in the comments for increased organic reach and engagement

TIP #16 Post memes

TIP #17 Post emotional content that stirs debate and conversation related to your industry

TIP #18 Start investing more time interacting with other people’s accounts regularly

TIP #19 Create fun, interesting, helpful, and sharable content

TIP #20 Post videos

We hope you like our tips and you find them useful. Do you have any strategies that you would like to share with us?


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