Hootsuite Alternative 2021

Looking for a Hootsuite alternative in 2021?

You came to the right place! See how Social Web Suite can help you be better with social media marketing.


We  offer a 5-step, 5-minute guided setup which you can use to:

Step 1: Connect all your social accounts

Social Web Suite is integrated with the following social networks: – Facebook (pages and groups) – Instagram Business accounts – Twitter profiles – LinkedIn (profiles and pages) (more coming soon)

social profiles adding wizardIn case you want to add some social profiles later on you can add them by going here 

social profiles adding and list SWS dashboard


Step 2: Connect your WordPress site

(If you have a WordPress site. If you don’t have a WordPress site you can move to the next step).

We can automatically import all your posts and WordPress categories for you.

In case you want to add  more WordPress sites later you can go here

WordPress websites list on SWS dashboard


Step 3: You can add RSS feeds

as many as you want for the content syndication (we have no limits on the number of feeds).
In case you want to add more RSS feeds later you can go here

RSS Feed and YouTube lists SWS dashboard


Step 4: Besides RSS feeds you can syndicate the content from YouTube channels or playlists, too.

Social Web Suite YouTube chanel

In case you want to add more YouTube channels or playlists later you can go here


RSS Feed and YouTube lists SWS dashboard


Step 5: On the last step, we will populate the calendar for you.

That will be based on the choice of content categories you choose to import or the 9 template categories that we have for you.

Content Categories that we have ready for you are:

  1. Blog Posts – This is a place for all your blog posts
  2. Blogs from RSS – This is a place for all blog posts from different RSS Feeds
  3. Curated News– This is a place for all the latest news
  4. General – All your messages that are not in any other categories and that will be or were shared only once
  5. Images, Infographics – This is a place for all the image posts
  6. Inspirational, Funny – This is a place for all inspirational and funny posts
  7. Promotional – This is a place for all your promotional posts
  8. Quotes, Questions – This is a place for all quotes and questions posts
  9. Tips – This is a place for all instructional (how-to and tips) posts


BONUS: Video Library

We have a great video tutorial library that is available here for you and we have selected the 2 most popular videos (in case you like to follow the video instructions).

Get organized with Content Categories

How to add your YouTube channel to Social Web Suite


BONUS: UTM parameters

Besides all of that, the default UTM parameters are added to each link so you can track the performance of your campaign in Google Analytics.


BONUS: Chrome extension

Our newest feature is the Chrome extension which you can use to add the content to Social Web Suite while browsing the internet.


Social Media Analytics (coming soon)

Social Media Analytics (for Facebook and Twitter) are coming soon.
FB page analytics


Comparison of Social Web Suite and Hootsuite

Features Social Web Suite Hootsuite
Schedule content
Powerful WordPress integration
Evergreen posting
5 minutes setup
Best times preset schedule
Content categories
Automatically share your posts as soon as they are published on your WordPress blog
Unlimited RSS Feeds for all plans
Pause all posts
Set it and forget it social media automation